Friday, June 22, 2007

Why I Wish I could Draw

There are times I really wish I could do a comic strip called Life With Bratworse. I noticed her pants was loose. I thought about telling her, "You must've lost weight, the jeans look loose." But if I did, I know what would be the result which is why I want to do a strip called Life With Bratworse.

Panel one: Bratworse walks past me with me gazing after her. Me: Didja loose some weight? The jeans look baggy in the ass."

Panel two: Bratworse comes back to face me, tugging at the seat of her jeans. "Really? They look loose?"

Panel three: Caption: 4 Hours Later. Same panel as panel 2. "How much weight you think I lost?"

Panel four: Caption: 8 Hours Later. Same panel as panel 2. "Think anyone else noticed?"

Panel five: Me in bed with pillow over head. Bratworse is looking in the mirror all happy. "I DID lose weight, didn't I?" I'm mumbling something incoherent under the pillow.



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