Tuesday, June 12, 2007

View from the Train

Went to the zoo on Sunday with my 3 year old friend and my 1 year old friend. One of the first things we did was go on the Carousel which my 1 year old friend LOVED LOVED LOVED. In fact she loved it so much, she headed back to the carousel without prompting, prompting me to run between people after her. I'm not sure what fascinated her more, the circular motion of the carousel itself, or the up and down motion of the horse.

When asked what she wanted to do next, the three year old shouted, "The Train!" There is a small track inside the zoo, that runs past a few exhibits and makes a couple of loops. Judging from reactions from both within and without the train, there seems to be an unspoken rule that if a train with youngsters go by, both riders and observers need to wave. We waved at every passenger on the train, twice (since it loops). When it was our turn, we waved at every passerby, some twice (since they have the liberty to walk away and to the train, I've no idea if we passed all of them twice).

However, the most memorable thing for us adults on the train was, as we rounded the first turn and came upon the Tapir exhibit, we caught sight of a very long and slender schlong, dangling fully extended from the male Tapir, who was halfway onto the female's back.

Of course, every adult on the train cheered. After all, the train was filled with products of such unions.



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