Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A True List of Hotness

Recently, a co-worker brought in a Maxim at work and showed it to me thinking I'd be interested. *YAWN*

Apparently, Maxim ran a top 100 list of hottest women recently and so, AfterEllen.com - a favorite website of mine that caters to lesbians - decided to see what lesbians would pick as their hottest 100 women.

Can you imagine Queen Latifah (she's #55) making ANY of these straight idiots' lists? I find her TOTALLY hot (a wistful sigh escapes my lips every time I see her onscreen).

But what's funny about this list is, it's like a who's who of every woman who's ever kissed a girl onscreen. Notable exceptions were Laurel Holloway (which is UNBELIEVABLE since she played the ultra-cute Randy in The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love, a GREAT lesbian coming out flick AND she's in the L Word albeit as a bisexual bitch right now) and Denise Richards (which straight men find hot, but not lesbians which is why Neve Campbell made the list and not her though they had one nice hot lesbian scene together in Wild Things).

Also surprised that Mariel Hemmingway didn't make the list since she was soooo great in Personal Best.

BTW, all three of these actresses from the L Word made it onto the top 100 with Leisha Hailey (the blonde on the right) being number 1! It helps that Leisha is the ONLY actress on the L Word to be out as a lesbian.



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