Thursday, August 24, 2006

Conservative Families

The inimitable Digby, based on a post by Echidne, posed an interesting question.

Do liberals come from conservative families?

(This was based on an article by a conservative professor who claimed that because liberals tend not to bring too many children into the world, and conservatives breed like rabbits ok, my interpretation but that was the gist of it that conservatives will outnumber the liberals in a few decades - and yes, Echidne called the article for what it was - a product of someone's anus.)

I know that both my sister and I are liberals, me much more than her. As for my mother, thank goodness she doesn't vote, cause she'd have cancelled out one of ours for sure. Although she hates Bush Jr., she loved loved loved Reagan, Nixon, (Nixon opened the door to China, making it possible for my paternal grandmother to finally meet me and my sister and her great grandson.) Pete Wilson (UGH!). She did like Clinton though and though she hates Bush, she believes that there is a war on Christianity (she insisted on saying Merry Christmas to all, thinking it would make others discomforted).

As for my father, the only real thing I knew of his politics (he was a citizen of Singapore and lived in Mainland China, therefore I never really engaged him in talks about politics; also, when he was alive, I was more interested in movie stars than tracking politics) was one time, I asked him what he thought of unions. My sister's union was on strike, and she was really worried about money coming in.

My father's terse reply? "I'm management."

I never asked him about unions after that.



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