Monday, August 14, 2006

Names, I'm Naming Names

Dan has been the guy at the Apple store that's helped us out the most. I don't blame Dan for any of our problems, he first had Bratworse go through the ordering process at the Apple store (even though you cannot purchase made-to-order computers there) because I'm betting that he honestly thought that he COULD sell custom machines there.

Wasn't his fault Apple changed the in-store policies right before the machines were launched or were readily available at stores.

Colin was the tech guy I had yelled at. I must say, his composure at being yelled at was quite good. AND he did move our computer up so that it was ready by 10 am this morning as I'm sure he knew I was quite serious about calling every day for a status report. So kudos to Colin the tech guy.

However Tony, the manager there. He acted as if it wasn't possible for him to make an exception for our case. If I make an exception for you, I'd have to make an exception for everyone. Well Tony, you have a 20 YEAR CUSTOMER of Apple's thinking that maybe I should go to a Linux based machine. One thing I LOVED about Apple was it never made you regret buying or not buying the latest greatest, meaning it looked after new AND old users.

Well, I finally feel like Apple cares for nothing but the bottom line. Nice going Tony.

Apple seems like it would rather court the user of low expectations (the PC user) than satiate the standards of high expectations (old Mac users).

I am so sorry I spent all that saliva over 20 years, convincing many to switch to Macs. All I did was help lower expectations for us, the discriminatory users. Irony, thy other name is Life.



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