Monday, August 28, 2006

Nooooooooooooo! Tell Me It Ain't So!

*repeatedly bangs head on the desk*

I thought nothing could dampen my spirits about the Oakland Raiders.

I thought nothing could douse out this spark of hope that's ignited in my heart since the last two games where we had an effective offense and defense.

But somehow, the Raiders did.

Today, they signed Jeff George. No wait, let me give him the full title I've annointed him since those not so halcyon days when he started for the Oakland Raiders - the arrogant, blames EVERYONE ELSE but himself, full of pretensions about his own talent Jeff George.

The best day in my life as an Oakland Raider fan was seeing Jeff George get the boot and Rich Gannon get the nod.

I hated the way Jeff George would blame Tim Brown or Tyrone Wheatley for the muffed plays. I have never detested a man in football as much as I detest this man. He never played for the Raiders, only himself.



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