Friday, August 11, 2006

Hillary - an Opinion

sugarmeesweettt, one of the regular responders here (also known as Bratworse's Mom), requested a strange thing... that I blog about Hillary, so she would have something to comment to. Apparently, my current topic of politics have bored her.

Here goes, (even though I suspect my ma-in-law is baiting me).

It is true, I am an unabashed Hillary Clinton fan; however, that is not to say that I cannot see her faults. First off, I truly admire the way she handled herself over the whole Lewinsky affair. To use a metaphor loosely, YOU try being Melanie Hamilton married to Bill's Rhett Butler (psst, Gone With The Wind if you didn't recognize the reference). And let's face it, most women want to have an affair with a rogue, but not be married to one; and marry one, she did.

One thing the Clintons have, and that is mutual respect for each other, despite the other's faults. It is obvious from the way they are in public, and obvious in the result of that very public affair. They also recognize that together, they are a formidable force; separately, maybe not so much. And do they really want to test those waters? The known devil is always a better one. Therefore, to me, Hillary showed much grace and composure during those awful years.

How is she as a politician? I'm not as aware of her as I am my own senators; after all, she's the senator from New York, 3000 miles away. From what I've gathered, she's done reasonably well for New York. But honestly, most of the chatter I hear are gossipy malignant chatter so I don't really pay attention.

But from a few articles out there, it seems people are really polarized out there about Hillary. Some really like her, some really HATE her. And that is her detriment. No matter how wonderful Hillary Clinton may be, no matter how much admiration she garners, she will never be loved, like Bill Clinton is. Hillary isn't a warm fuzzy whereas Bill is. Yet, the hate out there for her is immense. So put hate vs. like, hate will win every time.

The best thing I've heard recently is a rumor that Steve Clemons heard: that if the Democrats win the majority in the Senate in November, Harry Reid will step down as Minority Leader and support Hillary for a bid as Majority Leader, as long as Hillary doesn't enter the primaries for 2008. That was the best move I've heard in a long time strategically.

Denials are flying high on this rumor. But in Washington, denials are very specific, as in No, I never said Valerie Plame sent him (never mind that I said Joe Wilson's wife sent him); therefore, be skeptical about the denials. I hate to see Harry Reid go, he's been so wonderful as the Minority Leader, but I can totally understand the thrill of being behind on the count and realizing you have four rounds to not just catch up, but win with the knowledge that your opponent only has a one-two punch. Being Majority Leader means maintaining the lead - nowhere as thrilling.

Back to Hillary. I think she would be tremendously effective at being Majority Leader and I think her chances of being the Democratic nominee for president in 2008 is nil. Her ability to draw raw rage cannot be overcome by her capabilities. If she had a warmer personality, perhaps she'd have a long shot but to be honest, all indications are, any ambitions towards the presidential nod are coming from her staff and dear hubbie, not Hillary herself.

I am really crossing my fingers for the outcome of a Democratic Senate majority with Hillary Clinton as Leader AND the outcome of a Democratic Congress, with Nancy Pelosi as Leader. WOOT! With the prospect of those two women in charge, no wonder some in the top echelons of the executive branch are lawyering up already

So sugarmeesweettt, did you get what you want? If in 2008, Hillary did become the nominee, I would of course vote for her. To me, Russ Feingold is starting to look good but only the future will tell who I will be voting for in the primary; I just know that I WON'T be voting for Hillary then.



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  1. sugarmeesweettt said...
    5:04 PM

    Ugggh!!!!!!!!! I totally disagree with you .. smiling and laughing at same time. I paticularly would hurly my stomach if this hilary becomes a majority leader .. NO way do I want our first woman president to be a woman who stood by her man while he openly lied. Family values .. oh please.. the 2 of them together gawd makes me sick to my stomach .. shaking my head .. I really dont like this woman for various reasons ..dang .. no harm no fowl its okay I will vote against you .. I will get more to support my vote against yours .. it will be fun.


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