Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Call Him George

I know, judging from the title, I'm going to write about Bush again but you're wrong!

Bratworse loves loves loves our kitty so much that she reminds me of the old Warner Brothers cartoon where a girl just loves her pet soooo much, it keeps running away scared. The girl says "I want to love him, and squeeze him and pet him, and call him George!"

Our kitty Gizi will try and squeeze out of Bratworse's hold sometimes, as she smothers the furball with kisses. Gizi will come whenever I call her, because I usually reward her with tons of love when she does show up, but not overwhelming love. With Bratworse, Gizi never knows whether she's getting a snack, or getting asked to play, or getting smothered with love, or it's just Bratworse testing to see if Gizi will show up.

One day, I'll throw up a picture of Gizi getting inundated with hugs. You tell me if the Giz is trying to escape. LOL



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