Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Month of Dec. In Bed


I wish it was due to some hot and heavy going-ons between Bratworse and me, but it wasn't as sexy as all that. First I catch a cold on the airplane coming back from Vancouver. Then I pass it to Bratworse, who manages to pass it back to me. Two weeks and boxes of used-up tissue filled with yellow snot later, we come back from Christmas with the family(s) to land me in the hospital due to 6 hours of non-stop vomiting. One IV of fluids later, back to the house with an acutely infected sinus.

I still have the sinus infection but at least I don't have nearly crippling pain in my face anymore.

It's a New Year and I can't wait. 2007 seems like it's going to be a great year, with one and a half more years until Bratworse graduates and we can be a two-income family again. Hopefully, less health problems and many wonderful times to go.

I can't believe how much more in love Bratworse and I are. It's definitely looking better for 2007 even though many many parts of 2006 was great.



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