Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Wandering Sleep-Deprived Mind

A while ago I was pondering, how does one know what truth is, when two people can view the same thing, and yet have two completely opposing interpretations. For instance, "The Colbert Report," some people who watch it actually believe he IS the character he's playing and agree wholeheartedly with his outlook, other people believe that he is an entertainer, doing just that, entertaining. Another example would be "Moral Oral." Although, in that show they're intention is extremely clear.

I've determined that it is much like the cave theory. You start out tied up in a cave facing a wall, on which shadows are presented, and that is what you know, and that is what you believe. You do not understand that what you are looking at are shadows on a wall until you find a way to free yourself from the restraints, turn around, and climb out of the cave. Hopefully, you'd attempt to help the other's that are in the cave with you, before you depart.

With this theory in viewing something and having two completely opposing opinions, there is possibility that one person is still believing in shadows and the other person is recognizing that something else is creating the shadows and has sought the source of those shadows.

When I was finally feeling comfortable with this as an acceptable answer for the time being, resigned pointed out to me that there is no law that says there is only one cave.

That started bothering me too much and since then I've moved on to a new philosophical dilemma. But before I get into that, I must say it is interesting to me, that the situations I find myself in can lead me on a journey through questions that have been pondered, probably even before Plato, and Socrates. This new dilemma, broken down to its simplest form is:

How does the person who strives to be virtuous deal with injustice?

You see, I'm worried that my wall of good-faith and positivity concerning something has started to crumble. The other day something was brought to my attention and my mind was able to produce lamentable answers to my query of whys, which caused an earthquake under my wall and definetly unhinged a few bricks.

Anger had struck resigned a lot earlier than me, and all the while I kept playing devil's advocate, trying to shove a different (more positive) perspective down her throat (which probably wasn't smart of me, but I hate thinking illy, especially about other people, we're all in this cave together), but now she has found serenity, and I'm nearly livid. I feel there is nothing I can do, short of immediate satisfaction (which will probably be regretted later down the line and make me feel like a nefarious person), and still feel good about myself.

I think, perhaps in typing this out my tired brain has shown me the answer to my question.

Now if I could have enough time to get some sleep! I'm working extremely hard to be valedictorian!



1 Response to "The Wandering Sleep-Deprived Mind"
  1. resigned idealist said...
    1:45 PM

    ooooh, first time EVAH i've been called serene! *dances around for joy*


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