Monday, January 22, 2007

Karmic Reasons

I had to get a document notarized today, and then get it certified by the County Clerk's office, and then the Secretary of State's office. The document was notarized, then when I went to get it certified, the county clerk's office noticed the seal was missing. So I had to turn around, go back and get the seal, then back to the county clerk's office.

Bratworse and I were trying to figure out why the universe wanted things the way they were when at the Secretary of State's office, there was a guy there who didn't speak much English and had to get the same stuff done as I had, only his set of documents were incomplete.

Since I had the addresses of everyone, I spoke to him in Chinese, directing him to the Alameda County Clerk's office.

Then I turned to Bratworse and said, "That's why the Universe wanted us here later."

Karma, Fate, whatever you want to call her, is a tough mistress. You'll never know her reasons but you can spot when someone's about to make huge Karmic mistakes.

I feel really bad for someone I know who is about to make a huge Karmic mistake. The universe will end up making this person's life a living hell for years to come, and when the anguished cry of "Why me?" comes along, all it will get her is another kick in the teeth.



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