Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Starting Posts

I've started numerous posts in the past few days, without finishing a single one. Most of the time, the posts were interesting only to me, and knowing that, I nixed them. Some of them had no point, and therefore, rambled on, until sentences were neither here nor there nor had any direction. Nixed those too.

Writing has always been like this for me. My internal editor is really strong, and I can often look at writings fairly objectively meaning, I usually know when it sucks.

Do I have nothing to say? That's not it either.

I've comments on Billmon's leaving the blogworld and how it directly impacts me.

I've opinions on the White House's "surge" and the civilized world's (aka Charlie Brown) impulse to believe that Bush (Lucy) has a plan (won't take away the football) this time. Congress and voters, when will you start believing that this man-child we have in the Oval Office, is just a pouty man-child whose every move can be sussed out by basically asking two questions: "Is Poppy Bush for this?" and "Does Bush Jr. think he can outdo Poppy on this issue?" (The answers are: if Poppy's for it, Bush Jr's against it AND if Bush Jr thinks he has a shot at outdoing Poppy, he'll take the chance. Sheesh, didn't the past 6 years teach you anything about this idiot's psyche?)

Truth be told, most of my opinions and misgivings are voiced out there by better writers than I - Check out Digby at Hullabaloo if you don't believe me.

Therefore I am simply waiting for the Muse to come by and swing a bat at my head.

Swing away, Muse. I need a bit of inspiration right now.

[Updated] What did I tell ya about Digby's writing? As soon as I hit "Publish Post", I head over to read Digby and sure enough, today's entry is EXACTLY what I wanted to say about the administration - and that we are just fooling ourselves if we think we live in a Democracy.



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