Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Five Adobe Training Weeks

I've been really, really... did I say REALLY busy, these past few months. I'm re-organizing a bunch of things in my life to try and see if I can create the illusion that there just might be more than twenty-four hours in a day. In the mean time, I've been wanting to put up a little of the stuff I've been working on so far.

Here's one of the websites I created. It has a lot of animation on it, and probably needs a pre-loader, so hopefully you have a semi-fast internet connection, if you're inclined to check it out. Sometimes the artwork on the artwork section doesn't load (I did mention I should put a pre-loader on it, sometimes this can be fixed by navigating away from the artwork page and then back to it again). This site was hand drawn and completely done in Macromedia Flash. The other site I made this term, in Adobe Photoshop isn't live, so no link for you.

This was an assignment for my compositing class that I thought turned out well. I'm putting it up as a link, because I don't have time to rescale things and make them pretty, maybe one day I'll come back to it. Anyway, the images you see on the left are what I was given, and the image on the right is what I created. The image was created entirely in adobe photoshop, including the rain! The hardest part for me to complete for this image was turning the lights on.

This was an assignment for my concept and imaging class, we had to colorize a line drawing. I decided to take this assignment a little further and put my character in a scene. The image was created entirely in adobe illustrator, aside from retracing the line drawing, all other aspects in the image where hand drawn (basically not traced). The hardest thing for me to complete for this image was adding perspective (the fence).

The next five weeks - Maya!!!



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