Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Isn't It Amazing...

How the opening strains of a song just immediately transports you to a different place and time?

My iTunes randomly selected The Carpenters' "Those Good Old Dreams" and I was at once in a smoky bar, looking around for a dance partner to two-step with. The DJ for Floyd's, a country western gay bar in Long Beach, LOVED The Carpenters and always played this song at least once a night.

I had a bad crush on one of the 6 Kim's that frequented Floyd's (yes, there really were six of them and my roommates had nicknames for all six - Kim the Clogger, Tonya's Kim, Pretty Kim, Kim the Cook, etc.) and I always sought this particular Kim out for this song. In some ways, those were the good ol' days, though I really don't miss the early morning hours of worshipping the porcelain goddess.

Reading over the lyrics, I'm struck by how optimistic this song is. I'm more used to their world-is-getting-me-down songs. Anyway, it's a very graceful song, and makes for a really graceful two-step, which most CW dancers don't really do - it IS much easier to stomp with a shitkicker than to dance smoothly and gracefully.

I miss Floyd's sometimes, especially when I hear this song, the Judd's Girls Night Out (Friday nights were dyke nights and of course the DJ played this song EVERY friday night), k.d. lang's Full Moon of Love, and K.T. Oslin's Hey Bobby.

Weird, I was able to find lyrics for everything except k.d. lang's song. Even now, she's being lesbocotted. *sigh*



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