Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Scotty from Brothers & Sisters

Bratworse got me hooked on Brothers & Sisters and last night, we watched the Valentines Day episode. Scotty makes an appearance again as a blind date set up for the gay brother.

Luke MacFarlane portrays Scotty and I am way impressed with this boy. There was a look he gave the brother when he left after a one-night stand. That look, that one look, managed to show longing, regrets, pain, love and sensitivity all rolled into one look.

Scotty, the character, acts and looks just like some of my gayboy friends, the ones I love so much and yet are just "hi" friends, the ones I used to bowl with on gay bowling leagues.

Watching the show last night, just made me miss the energy and fun of gay boys.



1 Response to "Scotty from Brothers & Sisters"
  1. KC said...
    10:27 AM

    Luke MacFarlane is such a great actor. He has such the facial expressions that I like in actors, one who really understands his character and can completely portray the right emotions and right expressions to convey what he needs to without saying much.

    Btw, Luke is also very handsome in person.

    Maintainer of Luke MacFarlane Fansite


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