Thursday, February 15, 2007

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?

In this case, it's a resounding no. After years of hermitude, well, what passes for hermitude in the internet age, I've been found by my old college gang - the Asian Animal House. So Hi guys! Welcome to my blog and say hi to Bratworse.

Back in U.S.C. during the early 80's, most Chinese students (as is probably the case now) were either business students (so much so that there was a club called the Hong Kong Business Students Association), computer science students or electrical engineers. Well our group of pals consisted of mostly architectural students, two electrical engineers, one civil engineer, one business student and one communications student. (Guess who studied communications - yup, yours truly, the sore thumb that sticks out.)

Our group of friends liked to study hard (one exception was me), eat (hmm I didn't like to eat either but I loved the company), be silly (ooh oooh, now that's me!) and we LOVED to dance (Johnny, I can't remember the dance steps to that song from Footloose. Does anyone remember?). And in fact, we started dee-jaying for clubs' dances so that we could get in for free and dance all night long. And that's where the name Asian Animal House came from - it was our dee-jay moniker - AAH. And Animal House? Well, we started noticing that some members of our groups already had animal nicknames.

The two hearts of our group had the nicknames Chicken Egg and Turtle. We also had a Dead Dog and a Flee. Within a short time, animal names were assigned each one of us. To this day, I still get hippoes for my birthday and Christmas and yes, Hippo was my nickname. I kinda think resigned idealist is a little more suited, don't you? lol

I tend to drop out of sight for a few years - as all of my friends have found out over time. I think there was about 3 years in there where even my family couldn't get a hold of me.

So, thanks guys! Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and continuing to keep track of me. I think of you all often, even if I don't call or write or email.

And definitely, auld acquaintances and in this case, auld good friends should not be forgot.



2 Responses to "Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?"
  1. Anonymous said...
    11:41 PM

    so, are we having a gathering for the Chinese New Year?


  2. resigned idealist said...
    6:31 PM

    Probably not, since Chinese New Years is only a couple of days away AND we're scattered to the four winds.

    Maybe next year? What do you guys think?



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