Monday, May 08, 2006

Bad Luck comes in Threes? Hopefully?

So hopefully, this will be the third in our bad luck series.

The first was when our rental car broke down en route to L.A. for my best friend's Mom’s funeral.

The second was when we returned a few days later to an empty 40-gallon aquarium (the replacement of our neighbor’s padding, and drying out of the carpet cost us a minimal amount *whew*)

This past Friday, disaster struck a third time.

Bratworse and I had planned this day to be the day we set up our 75-gallon aquarium. Around 6:30 pm, we were on the phone coordinating the delivery of the tank and its stand, the pick-up of the water, etc. when I noticed that our house line was getting very very staticky (is that a word?). In the meantime, I was starting to lose internet connectivity as well. My first thought, as any good paranoid would, was, “is the government spying on us again?” Please note the repetivity of that thought.

After 15 min. of struggling with trying to connect to the internet, of picking up the phone to see if there was a connection, I finally got up to see if any outside forces could be interfering. Lo and behold, what did I see when I went into the living room? Buckets of water pouring out of the light socket in the dining room, as well as water seeping through the light fixture in the kitchen.

Needless to say, all of Bratworse's hard work on the living room floor is pretty much gone. We’re going to have to replace half the floor in there, perhaps the cabinets in the kitchen as well. As for our new aquarium, well, since the designated space for it was on top of the ruined floor, we can’t set it up until after the floor is replaced.

So, how was YOUR weekend?



1 Response to "Bad Luck comes in Threes? Hopefully?"
  1. sugarmeesweettt said...
    12:59 PM

    Hello bratwurst and cholotto, dang i hope i got this right. Well, as you know I lost a very dear friend over an issue so minor its unbelievable. Yet, at the same time said friend is the one who chose not to interact with me ce la ve, yeppers. Makes you wonder how people really do make decisions. Based on what information that is provided to them at that moment time they respond. Well, besides that how come your not writing about the latest exploits of our President Bush and his new word " decider" ? Yes I am watching tv again. Made me laugh when I heard that bit of news and watched the way he presented the word the Decider. YOu know he is right we did vote him. I just wish he would act more like a "decider" instead of a puppet. To me he should be like balls showing and shoulders back in a stance of " I am the President " He should be proud and full of him self and cocky . Yet he is always looking over his shoulder like constantly seeking approval from his public. what the hell not all of us can be confident in who we are and what were about. But you would think just being voted in for two terms of office would give you the added back bone you need to say " Just do it" He is our leader you would think he could order something to be done with out explaination. Long deep breath of air simulating a sigh of mind boggling incomprehension. I am now hoping this president bush of ours actually does something that is awesome and amazing ly manly . Give me back a ceasar. I want to invade and conquer instead of invade and police the area.


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