Tuesday, May 16, 2006

No Global Warming...

... that is, according to my well-read neighbors.

When I asked, oh, why do we put on 60 SPF sunblock now when back in the 70's 15 SPF was considered excessive? Apparently, it's because science has advanced so much that we can call skin cancer what it is. Back then, we didn't know what skin cancer was.

Another said, even if there was global warming, it wouldn't impact our daily lives. I said, okay, tell that to the people in New Orleans. Oh, and btw, don't bother to put on sunscreen when you go out. And don't bother bringing tissues, cause hay fever isn't more potent due to global warming.

Yet another said, we will never see Antartica thawed out during our lifetime, as if only the ENTIRE thawing of Antartica would have human impact.

I guess I'm just plain wrong. I mean, these neighbors of mine won't believe in global warming so how can I? These hundreds of scientists all over the world just must be making things up.



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