Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dread No More

Bratworse almost made it a full year. It was July last year when she traded in straight hair for dreads but she couldn't take it anymore. Even after buying some new hair products, it was taking too long to maintain a decent look.

Honestly, though I loved her looks with the dreads, I didn't like the dreads myself. Smells got trapped too easily in it; and running your fingers through hair just isn't an option.

Not that her current condition leaves that as an option. Bratworse has returned to being my Dopey! *beams brightly*

She has shorn her locks. Well, actually, WE shorned (is that a word?) it together. She cut off each dread and when I realized she was nicking herself with the razor, I took over and first clipped her hair, then shaved it down to skin.

She has such a pretty face and the bald look just brings out the beauty, I think. But if she puts on a beanie, then pushes up the beanie to expose her ears making them stick out, she looks just like Dopey!

I'm thinking of shaving mine too. I miss running my hand over my shaved head. But I think I've gained too much weight and am starting to look my age too much to get away with a bald look.



3 Responses to "Dread No More"
  1. sugarmeesweettt said...
    12:35 PM

    Awee brat looks beautiful always no matter her hair style. Hey , wanted to say you know brat has an attorney. On retainer he might be able to assist w/that leak problem . Her atty is berg in dunedin , fla. its a thought

  2. resigned idealist said...
    5:03 PM

    Thanks sugar, but lawyers need to pass the bar in the state before they can practice law. Laws differ from state to state and there would be no way for us to use that particular lawyer. But no worries. California has more lawyers than any other state in the union. Just among our friends, we know a lawyer, and numerous people who work for lawyers. I've already spoken to one I work with and I work in the field of construction defects.

    Right now, it looks like the claim might even be small enough to go to small claims court if necessary, but her insurance FINALLY got a hold of us today and will be inspecting the property on Monday.

  3. sugarmeesweettt said...
    6:02 AM

    That is awesome. See give me an inch and I will go on and on forever on how to solve the problem. By the way bad news ..I dont know if bratworse remembers Megs from fics or but he was involved in traffic accident in England and well he died of his injuries in the hospital .. Sigh life is so short sometimes no matter how long you live you will say its to short. Today is Mom's day and well its My day ... hugs . hey I love you both jest in case I need to tell you and dont say it enough. I really do .


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