Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Out of My Mind

I have now walked three times into the kitchen to get myself a pepsi... and returned empty-handed each time. Not only that, but it has taken me at least 5 minutes to realize that I never did get a soda.

My mind is gone.

I am walking around dazed because the enormity of the situation we're in keeps banging against my noggin and knocking my mind silly.

We have to replace the living room floor.

We have to get someone to look between the walls to make sure the wiring is okay and that its been dried out properly.

We have to get someone to examine the kitchen cabinet and see if the wood is rotting from the damage.

We have to get someone to replace the linoleum on our kitchen floor, which is bubbling up from the moisture.

We have to wait.

According to First American Specialty, they have legally 40 days to come inspect the property. On their website, they say they will pay liability if the owner is sued and then found liable. The adjuster further told me that only if the owner was "legally negligent" would they pay liability.

So I've contacted a lawyer and am waiting to hear back from them.


I hate waiting. Bratworse can attest to that.

Apparently, the insurance claim is for liability only, which is why they're taking their sweet time about it. I hope mildew and mold grows upstairs. I'm sure it will because she didn't take the time out to dry out her padding. According to her, the carpet didn't get that wet. Then maybe, my upstairs neighbor will be a little more enthusiastic about getting this taken care of.

I keep wanting to reassure Bratworse that we're not going to get fucked. But I myself am panicking that we're going to get fucked on this.

All we wanted was a living room we enjoy being in. You want to know what the damn thing about all this is?

Only ONE week ago, did Bratworse take a Monday out to make the living room very nice and livable. We got to enjoy the living room for about a week before the weather turned a tad cold and we went back to the bedroom. And then this happens. And of course, every day since then, has been a wonderfully warm day (except yesterday). And we're back to being confined.


People keep saying Karma, cause of our flooding our neighbors two weeks ago.

But we took care of our neighbors IMMEDIATELY. We ran over to find out what needed to be done. We REASSURED them that we'd take care of EVERYTHING.

What did my upstairs neighbor do? So far, all of our conversations I had to initiate. And she wonders why all this shit keeps happening to her. I think we just got caught up in HER karma, unfortunately. Because no matter what, in the long run, she was liable. And the longer it takes for us to replace our stuff, the more it'll cost cause mold spreads.

Bratworse and my attitude is the same: if we caused harm/damage to someone else, we take care of that FIRST. Our neighbor's seems to be, well, if I leave it alone enough maybe no one will notice I caused it.

I want my living room! I want my new 75 gallon tank cycling! I want action started on this.




2 Responses to "Out of My Mind"
  1. sugarmeesweettt said...
    6:08 PM

    Call your home owner's insurance company . Let them fix your situation then they will sue her insurance company for the funds. That is why you pay them to take care of the claims you make. Ta da hope it works .

  2. resigned idealist said...
    6:19 PM

    Would if I could, sugar... We had just looked into getting home owner's insurance but hadn't gotten it yet.

    As they say, timing is everything and here, we missed the boat.


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