Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Systems That Don't Work

There's got to be better systems than these:

You pay x amount of dollars each month to insure that if anything goes wrong, it'll get taken care of. Yet the company you pay the monthly fee to, their whole objective is to make money. And if they pay out less, they make more money. Therefore, they aren't there to help you, just to collect your money.

You pay a therapist money each session to get better. Yet, they make money if you don't get better, cause if you do get better, you stop going. See the catch?

Pharmaceutical companies make money if you are on a long-term solution. If they can get you to spend regularly on something that makes you "feel" temporarily better, yet have to continue to take it to feel better (drug addiction anyone?), what is the incentive for them to come up with medicine that actually cures your ailment?

We elect officials to be our ears and voices in governments. Yet the people with the most access to them are "lobbyists" who work for organizations. So what are our ears and voices in government seeing and listening to? Not us.

I'm so sick of systems that don't work.



1 Response to "Systems That Don't Work"
  1. Neil said...
    10:17 AM

    i typed 'systems that dont work' into google and got this.
    you're right. rubber in windscreen wipers is deliberately low quality so it has to be replaced again and again.


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