Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Captive Audiences

Looking at some of the feedback Editor & Publisher has gotten on Stephen Colbert's vitriolic & virtuosic perfomance at the White House Correspondence Dinner, it seems that some people found it distasteful that Stephen Colbert would take aim at his captive audience.

How many funerals and weddings have I attended, where the priest/preacher overtook the ceremony to launch into a sermon about how we should accept Jesus? How's that for a captive audience? This is the BIGGEST thing about weddings and funerals that I hate. I am there to honor the couple, or the deceased. Why the hell should I have to sit through a friggin' sermon? But because the priest/preacher COUNTS on us having good manners, enough not to diss the one honored (unlike the priest/preacher who are dissing the ceremony) we're a captive audience. (yes, I am STILL furious at that damn priest last week who spoke at Mom Wilson's funeral).

What was TRULY bad taste (and I thought so at the time) was Bush doing a slide show of him looking around the WH for WMDs. Now that was truly tasteless. Bush's lies = 2200+ deaths and 10,000+ wounded. Stephen Colbert's truthiness = burned Bush and singed reporters (metaphorically).



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