Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Drawing a Line

I spoke to my nephew for the first time today since Christmas. It was nice and polite and civil despite the past.

A line was drawn and he had crossed it. Honestly speaking, I had actually allowed him to cross the line numerous times in the past and had redrawn it. But when he brought the problem into my house, but when he tried to convince me that it was okay to make his mother worry because the worst could never happen to him - a delusion I threw back into his face, but when he dared to compare his addiction with my life with Bratworse, I let the line remain broken.

The reparation to the line is available to him, but it will not be immediate. Years has to pass before repairs can even begin, but it has to start somewhere. I was honest with him on the phone. I wish him well and strength. I hope that we will have our friendship again.

I actually have no doubt that one day, my nephew and I will have warmth towards each other. I just hope that the path there will be smoother than not.



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