Thursday, July 20, 2006

If I'm to be Responsible, Get the Hell Out of My Way

So when this guy started at work, I asked him to keep track of the plans that we have. He was great at it and everytime someone asked him where a set of plans were, he knew where.

Well, he got busy... and stopped paying attention to plans. Which is a reasonable thing.

I kept asking him if he needed help. He kept waving off the help until recently. Which is not so reasonable. But hey, he's a guy, whatdya expect, they're just dumb that way.

So recently, a boss got upset that he didn't know where plans were. Very reasonable. He asked me, EVEN THOUGH HE KNEW I WASN'T KEEPER OF THE PLANS... so I said, go ask this other guy. Well he, of course, wasn't organized. So this boss decided okay, I'm to be keeper of the plans. Again, reasonable.

Well, as soon as I started taking responsibility for the plans, this other guy has been trying to organize plans. I'm like, hey, what the hell are you doing? He's says, well you ask me where plans are when others ask. I said, not any more.

I am NOT a shirker of responsibilities (unlike some people who live near me).

This guy didn't understand why I wanted his mitts off the plans. My position is this. If I am to be responsible for the plans, I don't want anyone else touching them before they are logged in. That way, I know which ones are logged. If they are missing after that, NOT MY PROBLEM IF PEOPLE DON'T TELL ME. But it IS my problem if they don't get logged in the first place.

[Addendum] I guess if I were to look at it charitably, my co-worker is trying to prevent a clash between that boss and I. This IS a distinct possibility. But then, if that is what is going on, the clash has to happen or it won't resolve itself. Either that or I'll be leaving my job soon (maybe that's what he's trying to prevent - who knows). Either which way, the responsibility of logging in plans is now firmly in my lap; therefore get out of the way, I don't need a grown boy in my lap.



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