Friday, July 21, 2006

Parent Notification Laws Backfiring?

I remember a class assignment in H.S.; I went home and asked my mother, a fundamentalist Christian, what she would advise me if I had gotten myself pregnant. (I remember the feeling of being a slimebag cause I knew there'd be no chance in hell, I'd get pregnant but I had to ask my mother as if this was a possibility)

My mother didn't even bat an eye as she replied looking straight at me, "I'd tell you to get an abortion."

I sputtered. How could this be? She explained, "If you got pregnant, your whole life would be ruined. You'd have no future, and most likely, I'd end up taking care of your child. And you'd still have no future. No, an abortion is the only way to make sure you'll be okay later in life"

Apparently, my mother wasn't the only fundamentalist Christian with a thoroughly pragmatic outlook on this decision. three states — Arizona, Idaho and Tennessee — the percentage of pregnant minors who had abortions rose slightly after the consent laws went into effect.

I would like to sign up all those abortion clinic protestors, put them in a database and line them all up as soon as possible to adopt all those children in the foster care system. These people seem to think unwanted children should be born. So let them take care of the entire system.



2 Responses to "Parent Notification Laws Backfiring?"
  1. sugarmeesweettt said...
    2:08 PM

    Dang again I agree with you .. Once me and bratworse moved to north carolina and the building i worked in had an abortionclinic there .. I think bratworse was 14 at the time and me being a mom was under the impression she knew nothing about sex ..we pulled up to enter the parking lot seems my boss failed to tell me about the protestors at this time i had a 300zx beautiful car .. by the way w/ t-tops they swarmed my car and got bratworse she was truly herself and said to them " and what I look like i am having sex to you ? my mom works here you sick people.. I was so proud of her that day. and yes I used to tell them and you have all day to spend out here walking with your signs when you could be spending time with one these teen pregnancy girls assuring them you would adopt thier child and let them visit thier baby knowing you gave them love more than you could at this moment time.

  2. resigned idealist said...
    10:41 AM

    I didn't know that about Bratworse. I'm going to have to ask her about that time. Thanks, Sugar!


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