Friday, July 07, 2006

Talk about Picky!

I'm a really picky eater. But I have NOTHING on these octopus babies! Apparently, they have be fed several times a day and several types/sizes of food to try and ENTICE them to eat.

Boy, did I pick a project for myself here. Esp. with these eyes that just started needing bifocals a year ago.

I shouldn't be surprised. Ossie was a fairly picky eater. She LOVED red crabs, enjoyed red-legged hermit crabs for a while, but left the surviving one alone. I believe it's still in the tank. As for ghost shrimp, the very first day we saw her devour two in front of us. Most ghost shrimp were gobbled up the day we put them in her tank.

With luck, some of these hand-picked delicacies will consumed.



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