Sunday, July 02, 2006

Karma - the Mysterious Workings of the Universe

I am now convinced that there was a reason to why stuff happened to us.

It was so that we could try and help raise these octopus hatchlings.

If we had gotten either the 40 gallon tank or the 75 gallon tank set up, most of these hatchlings would have disappeared into the filter or protein skimmer and died immediately.

If the insurance people had taken care of it sooner (more on this later - don't want to be upset this morning), we might not have had the ability or frame of mind to be looking after hatchlings right now.

If we hadn't gotten to know the Tonmo people or people in the area who are interested in cephalopods, we wouldn't have scored a HUGE supply of free food for the babies.

If ....

So many ifs that if one of them hadn't happened, we wouldn't be sitting here with 25+ hatchlings right now.

More and more, I am seeing what happened to us as the Universe's way of killing two birds with one stone: it gave us the opportunity to help save a species from the decimation of the oceans AND it's giving retribution for my neighbor. (yes, I still believe that we got caught up in her bad Karma; the difference is, I see the positive side now as a motivation for these occurances instead of a side-effect.)



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