Sunday, July 30, 2006

Playing Favorites

Remember being a kid? Remember being around some adult who OBVIOUSLY played favorites? You know what I'm talking about - the mom that makes sure her favorite gets a very nice gift when it's anothers birthday, all under the guise of being fair? The dad that makes sure his favorite gets a shot not just at bat, but at leading off AND pitching, again under the guise of being fair?

Remember how OBVIOUS it was, even though everyone around averted eyes so as not to seem accusatory at that adult? And as a child, you GLOWERED at those adults who averted their eyes and thought, Cowards!

Republicans are like that indulgent parent. They just can't do anything without having something benefit the rich, their favorite constituents (or not so in most cases).

Take for instance, minimum wage. Well, actually, you don't want to take minimum wage because there hadn't been an increase in almost 10 years. It had been $5.15 an hour since 1997 and every year the raise gets knocked down by Congress (the majority of whom had been Republican since 1995).

Well, since the midterm elections are coming up, and Republicans are running scared, they voted to increase the minimum wage by a whopping $2.10. Great news right? But of course, with the Republicans, there's always a caveat. And here, it's not just one, it's more than that.

The $2.10 increase comes over a period of three years (yes, it's still considered good over three years, but it's actually over 12 years since there'd been no increase the last 9).

But get ready. These crazy Republicans aren't just being generous to the poor; of course there's more. They're giving away an estate tax reduction! (which applies to rich people only... poor people don't really have estates that can be taxed) And just like a ginsu knife commercial, they just can't stop giving. They offering even more tax breaks for the rich! Oh those Republicans - what will they think of next?

The Democrats have been wanting to increase minimum wage for years. But if they want to do it this year, they have to swallow a bill that not only gives to the poor, but it HEAPS upon the rich.

Remember back to that person playing favorites. Remember that you don't have to settle for just glowering. You can vote these assholes Republicans out of office.



2 Responses to "Playing Favorites"
  1. Lutwytche Jupiter said...
    9:24 AM

    yeah, shit happens, all the time, its like normal... if shit doesn't happen then it's news.

    lower minimum wage = more employment but, the Aussie economy was going shit 10 years ago, they lowered minimum wage, and now waged are up 14% (real wages) and unemployment is down to 4.9%... if minimum wage was higher the whole time in the US you'd have more unemployment, double edged sword

  2. resigned idealist said...
    9:44 AM

    But you're not factoring in purchasing power! I don't know anything about the Australian economy but are they facing inflation like we are? That $5.15/hour can barely buy TWO gallons of gas when ten years ago, that $5.15 could buy FIVE gallons of gas. That's an increase of over 150% over 10 years. And there's been no minimum wage increase?

    Also, has Australia voted to INCREASE TAX BREAKS for the rich every chance they get? Why is it in America that it's the poor and middle class that's shouldering this economic crisis while the rich is getting buffered when it's them that can take the hits without much burden?

    Another MAJOR difference between Australia and America is Australians have COMPULSORY voting. If there was compulsory voting in the U.S.A., do you really think that minimum wage would've stayed stagnant for over 10 years? These politicians want your vote; however they're counting on the fact that most Americans are apathetic towards the voting process and therefore, appeasing the rich ensures money in their pockets as well as votes. Why bother courting the poor when they don't vote (or prevention of votes from the poor is easily achieved)?


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