Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This Imbecile is the Leader of the Free World?

What have we unleashed onto the world? And will the world forgive us?

Just what we needed. Bush pawing the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

Being one of a handful of women in a male-dominated fields before, I've often dealt with unwanted touches. I used to do things like get a crew cut so that the touches would be directed to a part of my body that didn't bother me when groped.

I would say that the massage is probably one of the worst offenses because it's usually masked as non-sexual. I can't tell you how many men have grabbed my shoulders.

Then the conversation usually goes like this:
Asshole: You're so tense!
Me thinks: Yeah, cause you just friggin grabbed my neck! For all I know, you're planning on choking me to death.
Asshole: Here, let me relax you.
Me: Umm, no, you're just making me more tense.
Asshole: But why! This is supposed to be relaxing.
Me thinks: Not when I barely know you. Get your mitts off me!
Me: Umm, you won't be able to budge my shoulders... four rear-ends with resulting whiplashes will make them granite-like.
Asshole with a gleam in his eye: You should let me work on them, I could get rid of them for you.
Me screaming in my mind: How about I poke you in the eye... THAT will relax me!

EVERY time, I've been groped like this, it's been in a public setting, usually professional. Therefore, I can either look like a psycho, screaming at this dweeb who's "trying to relax me" or I can just make my shoulders tenser until their fingers hurt.



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