Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Imagine having the fortune of being with someone you love for 16 years.

Imagine that person dying 3000 miles away from you.

Imagine going to collect his body and having someone ask you, who do you think you are?

Imagine being called on the day of his funeral to be asked who gave you the right to authorize the cremation.

Imagine it no more, for it happened.

This is my biggest fear for Bratworse - that I will die, and shitty ass people will question her right to decide what my future is, when she's going through the worst time of her life. I'm not afraid if the reverse happened, because I'm too full of anger to LET this happen to me. I'd be screaming bloody murder and making a scene like you wouldn't believe. But Bratworse? She'd look around at all my grieving friends, and wouldn't make a fuss.

All of you who are against gay marriage: May you rot in hell forever.



4 Responses to "Imagine..."
  1. ChrisWoznitza said...
    3:07 PM
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  2. sugarmeesweettt said...
    2:30 PM

    hugs you both dearly .. all you have to do is get power of attorney to each other and then you need that health thing .. where it allows a designated its called a medical advocate person to make all your medical descisions for you . OH no why should you hae to jump threw all those hoops .. I just feel the marriage thing aint going to be accepted in american ..you have options .. to beat the system .. i love you both .. make life easier on each other and get married in the eyes of your freinds and family you dont need governmental piece paper .. or make one of you male on your marriage application hehehehe works for me.

  3. sugarmeesweettt said...
    2:45 PM

    or just become each others legal guardians .. think about if all the ones in that are gay went to these measures to get thier rights acknowledge the courts would have to take notice of you all .. i think we should all sue the govt for makeing us pay taxes for schools when are kids are not in public schools .. the laws are not right .

  4. resigned idealist said...
    8:17 AM

    Yeah, we're going to do all that, but you should hear some of the horror stories about some places. The thing that gets me is, this man died in PROVINCETOWN. P-Town is as gay as you can get. It is THE summer retreat for gay Northeasterners aside from Fire Island. It's almost like being questioned like that here in the Bay Area.

    I really hope these people fry in hell.


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