Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Agendas and Responsibility

What is with these people blaming animations for "agendas?"

Here's the latest in buffoonery: Neil Cavuto of Fox News (Y'know, the same network that broadcasts The Simpsons, The Family Guy) is claiming that "Happy Feet" has an agenda that teaches kids about Global Warming.


Why, that's wow... pretty much along the lines of Satan Worship, isn't it?

*faints dead away*

These damn hollywood liberals, how dare they! How dare they teach our youngsters that our actions might have consequences. How dare they teach our young'uns that gee, just because ALL scientists agree that the earth IS warming... (they just might not agree on WHY it's warming) that... that...

Oh, I just can't keep it up. Look, just because I watched Road Runner cartoons, doesn't mean, I'm going to go out, get an anvil, and push it over a canyon cliff.

Just because I watched Scooby Doo cartoons, doesn't mean I'm going to do ANYTHING to get a scooby snack or pizza or any type of food. It also doesn't mean I'm going to shove someone in front of me at the first sign of danger.

IF you have a problem with your children learning such things, then I have a suggestion. You know that thing that sits on your face, and has a huge opening and white ivory dotting the top and bottom? It's called a mouth. We humans use it to communicate.

See your children? They're humans too. Which means, you CAN communicate with them, and if they love and respect you (aha, now therein lies the rub, eh?) they will listen and learn from you, not from any cartoons you may find objectional.

Wow, totally new concept eh? Yes, talking to your children, teaching them (not lecturing them) does actually work. Stop blaming others.




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