Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fantasies and Predictions

So on the way to work this morning, I was telling Bratworse about how Pelosi is now the 3rd most powerful person in this country.

"In fact, if we impeach Bush, give a vote of no confidence to Cheney, why... why... why..." I indulged further in my little daydream/fantasy, "Why, we might even get President Pelosi!"

Now, 5 hours later, as I'm watching the pieces of the chess game change faces and positions, two realizations hit me.

1) Rove/Cheney's influence is waning.
2) Poppy Bush's influence is gaining.

Thus this is what I predict, based on a few predictions/moves I've seen and read about.

I agree with the Left Coaster that Cheney will have "health problems" and will need to step down. But here's what I'll think will happen. Steve Soto was smart enough not to make any predictions. I'm not so smart, so here goes.

Jeb Bush leaves the governorship of Florida in January. After a month, Cheney will step down and George will nominate Jeb to be Vice-President. Why? This way, Poppy will be ensured that HIS chess moves will remain intact.

I really should look up some of my old predictions to see how I've fared. Probably 0 for 15 lol.



1 Response to "Fantasies and Predictions"
  1. Causal said...
    11:14 PM

    Initiating the impeachment process would lead to an investigation that would implicate lots of people in the Bush administration who are guilty of committing crimes, including Cheney.
    Take a moment, and help convince Nancy Pelosi to Impeach..

    The day the nation demands impeachment is upon us. Sacks and sacks of mail are about to arrive in Nancy Pelosi's office initiating impeachment via the House of Representative's own rules. This legal document is as binding as if a State or if the House itself passed the impeachment resolution (H.R. 635).

    There's a little known and rarely used clause of the "Jefferson Manual" in the rules for the House of Representatives which sets forth the various ways in which a president can be impeached. Only the House Judiciary Committee puts together the Articles of Impeachment, but before that happens, someone has to initiate the process.

    That's where we come in. In addition to a House Resolution (635), or the State-by-State method, one of the ways to get impeachment going is for individual citizens like you and me to submit a memorial. has created a new memorial based on one which was successful in impeaching a federal official in the past. You can find it on their website as a PDF.

    You can initiate the impeachment process and simultaneously help to convince Pelosi to follow through with the process. Do-It-Yourself by downloading the memorial, filling in the relevant information in the blanks (your name, state, etc.), and sending it in. Be a part of history.


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