Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sadists Who Want Torture Accepted

I am so pissed after reading what one of Talking Points Memo's reader, CH, had to say about torture.
In fact, I would argue that we've played in these circles [torture] all along and anyone thinking otherwise is only fooling themselves... Americans are not trained to operate within that world and while naive idealists who want to hold Geneva up as something that is not ambiguous or even out-dated are trying to do good by holding people accountable for their morally ambiguous and/or illegal actions...they are only reinforcing the bubble as we know it. The bubble, with Bush's Administration, has been burst. Why do we want to crawl back inside?

I was livid. Here was my response to TPM.
How dare TPM Reader CH assume that for the rest of us, that just because some people in charge think that loopholes are automatically there for someone to climb through, that the act of climbing through loopholes SHOULD be just accepted.

Isn't that similar to the republican party thinking that because they believe government is ineffective, why should they bother to learn about governing in the same place? Both are reinforcing circular ideas.

What I mean is, just because THEY (these people that CH refers to) disregard the Geneva conventions doesn't mean that everyone agrees the Geneva convention should be disregarded. Jeeze, it's like listening to a seven year old saying, "But everyone's doing it."

Grow up and understand this IS a shrinking globe; we are all interconnected. Respect for others, as in allowing human dignity instead of taking human dignity, ISN'T outdated, but rather, it is becoming a necessity for just being able to live peacably within oneself in a shrinking globe.

We are not idealists. We are just people who realize that the golden rule in both its negative and positive form, actually WORKS as a formula for treating your fellow person. And just in case you forgot what the golden rule is, it's do unto others as you would have others do unto you AND do not do unto others as you would not have others do unto you.

I do not want others to torture me. Hence, I will not torture others. It's really that simple, CH. So screw you and your attitude. Go take your sadism away from here.



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