Monday, November 13, 2006

Wow, They Really Believe This

I normally don't read Howard Kurtz cause I think he's a putz (and the following will illustrate why I think he's a putz) but because the Washington Post is late with the White House Briefing by Dan Froomkin which I read religiously, I decided to see what Kurtz had to say.

And unfailingly, in his fifth paragraph, he writes:
Now the question is whether a press corps that has been openly at odds with the president will hold the newly empowered Democrats to the same tough standards.

Wait. Stop laughing. That's it, breathe.... breathe...

You read that correctly. Kurtz thinks that allowing the President to openly admit he lied before the elections and giving him a go on that, is TOUGH STANDARDS. Kurtz thinks that not calling the President on his demonizing of the Democratic Party... is TOUGH STANDARDS. Let's not even go back to before the 2000 elections when they would go combing through every word of Al Gore's but thought it delightful when Bush mangled phrases.

So umm Howie Kurtz? Your tough standards are about as tough as... wet sponge.



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