Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Lead Has Been Cast!

The face above is that of Dawn Stern, a Nobody.

Actually, she's not just any nobody, she's the current incarnation of Nobody to be written by Kevin Murphy of Desperate Housewives. Of all places for Nobody to end up, it's ending up on ABC Family - yes, ironic I know. Yes, we have a lead for the pilot and isn't she a looker?

Of course, the first picture of her that I saw wasn't a portrait like above. The first one was sent from Larry Young, one of the publishers to Writerboy, who forwarded it to me.

Get ready, it's a totally boy photo:

Told you.

[Update] I showed Ms. Stern's photo to a number of men (both friends and at work) and the consensus seems to be, "She's smokin' hawt."

I'm gathering that "hawt" is somehow better that just merely "hot."

*sigh* Boys will be boys.

By the way, the Graphic Novel is still available through Amazon if you want:



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