Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Are You Ready for Some Writing!

Part 1, Chapter 1 is slowly being ekked out today. I'm so glad I did preliminary outlining and therefore have a clear direction on where the story is going in the first chapter. I put fingers to keyboard this morning and the beginning crept into being on the screen.

This was the fastest beginning I've had so far to any Nanowrimo; I guess prep work pays off, even in writing.

In the meantime, Bratworse came with me to work today, and is sitting behind me, blissfully typing away as she tries to tuck 1,667 words under her belt while I work. I know what this is about: she's hoping we're bringing home the new kitty tonight so she can play with the kitty while I write. Actually, I'm hoping for this too. I won't feel bad if I get so absorbed in what I'm writing that the real world fades away from me.



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