Thursday, November 16, 2006

Amazing Distortions

So this morning, I was driving to work listening to KCBS the local all news station here in the Bay Area and this is what I hear.. kind of: "A fight to the death between Steny Hoyer and Jack Murtha for Majority Leader of the Congress!"

Okay, I'm exaggerating... a little. Basically, KCBS posited the competition as Democrats are already fighting over the spoils, that this will be a true test of the Democratic Party's unity, etc etc etc.

Hmm, from everything I've been reading, it's been a lot more cordial than all that.

Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi are longtime rivals, often at odds with one another. John Murtha has been a close ally of Nancy Pelosi's. When John Murtha announced that he wanted to go after the Majority Leader's position, he asked for Nancy Pelosi's support. Nancy said no problem and wrote a letter to Steny Hoyer saying that because of all the support she's gotten from Murtha, she's going to personally support him.

Then the media comes in and blows it out of proportion... and now Nancy Pelosi's out twisting arms to get support for Murtha, supposedly.

Go uncover some corruption and make yourselves useful, media. Go fact check what Bush said, 'k?



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