Monday, March 12, 2007

Astounding, Really

I'm a firm believer in Groucho Marx's addage: I won't join any club that wants me.

Therefore, I look at posts like this from My Left Wing and wonder why all this venom towards the "cool kids" in the left blogosphere exists.

I write here because if I keep some of these things I write about bottled up inside me, I'd explode. I write here because there are some people who do enjoy my writing (unbelievable!). But do I have to be on a blogroll for me to continue writing? Then I'm not writing for me, I'm writing for fame.

My blog is, first and foremost, a forum for me. Secondly, it is a vehicle for me to change some peoples' minds. If I can prove to you that John McCain is a hypocrite through my writings, then it will have served its purpose. Thirdly, it is an experiment and exercise for me, for my writing abilities. I couldn't care if Atrios or Digby or DKos or BoingBoing links to me; it would be nice if they did, but that will probably the day California falls into the ocean so I'd rather that day not come.



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