Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So Typical

On Sunday, a bunch of us went to Dim Sum. We were talking about typing and how some people use the two fingered approach and how men our fathers' age had to learn how to type.

So I pipe up with, "You know what I hate? I spent two summers of my life learning about rules for the typewriter and now they're all thrown out the door."

"Example?" someone asked.

"There are TWO SPACES after a period and a colon. TWO!"

Around the table, women my age all nodded and agreed. "That's right, I hate that Word edits out my two spaces."

Writerboy chimes in with, "Well, you know, they program the two spaces in. You don't NEED the two spaces."

And EVERYONE disagreed with him. "No they don't!" "You NEED to type in the two spaces."

Despite the chorus of disagreements, Writerboy just shook his head and went on believing he's right. So typical of him LOL.



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