Thursday, March 08, 2007

Gaming as an Art Form?

According to Joystiq who're attending this years Game Developer's Conference, Chris Hecker of Maxis/Electronic Arts' rant included the following:
"The Wii is a piece of shit!" Hecker said the Wii is two Gamecubes duct-taped together. He says developers make better games by having a platform with power, not for graphics, but using the CPU for computations. Through a slide he compared the Wii to an anorexic and malnourished man. better to reason about the world their inhabiting. He believes that Nintendo does not treat gaming as an art form, but simply a tool for fun. At the end Hecker had two demands of Nintendo: "Recognize and push games as a serious art form" and "Make a console that doesn't suck ass!"


I come from the world of comics, where it's been treated as a serious art form by the creators. And year after year, I watched prices go up and the amount of buyers go down.

And based on that, I ask, why can't it be both?

There's pop art, and there's fine art. Why can't there be pop games and fine games, or pop comics and fine comics? For that matter, why can't there be things in between?

I am a MAJOR consumer of games. I spend much more than the average gamer, having the disposable income to do so. And yet, I have ZERO interest in new games for the PS3 or Xbox360. My most anticipated game this year? Mama's Cookoff for the Wii. AND I DON'T COOK.

So, Mr. Hecker, do you want my business?



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