Friday, March 16, 2007

Doing It Again

At one point, when I was holding Ayla as she was dying in my arms, as tears were streaming down my face, Bratworse says to me, "You want to experience this all over?" meaning how could I get another pet?

I turned to her and said, "16 years of companionship isn't worth this?"

Death happens. To EVERYONE. To EVERYTHING. One day, Mt. Everest will no longer be there, having been worn down by the weather. The end has to come.

For me to give Death enough power over my life to exclude experiencing... well, that's just giving Death a tad too much power in my eyes. Death already has power over everything, we don't need to attribute more to her. (Yes, I view Death as feminine - blame DC Comics/Vertigo/Neil Gaiman).

I'm already looking at new kittens.



1 Response to "Doing It Again"
  1. sugarmeesweettt said...
    8:36 PM

    Odd that the day I decide to check your have posted death. Grandma died. I know Westina adored her and loved her. When ever Westina was sick grandma was there with chicken noodle soup and coloring book and new crayons. God my Mom loved her so much ..YOU could see Mom ie: grandma eyes lite up when ever westina came to visit her ..her mind alert and all she wanted to do was stare at this 2nd generation child..Westina you Gave grandma all the love and time and attention.. she was so proud of you. Always YOU know.. the best thing anyone can do is bring joy love and happiness each other.. Yes there are times your mad , angry and sad ..that is love when you can turn back and say unconditionally " i love you" that is what grandma taught me and grandma saw that in you..Amazing thing how words can hurt .. yet out of our love we overcome them..Grandma taught me that you should always love .for the love you have for them will be all you need. What an awesome Lady she was.. very strong .. woman. She used to tell me.. All you need is my yes and you soar . .. I give you my yes cause to see you become all that you can be. ..I loved her more than anything. Let the wind carry you..


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