Wednesday, March 07, 2007

No Questions Asked

My cousin and I have been bonding over the Nintendo Wii recently. We IM each other when we get new games and try them out, making recommendations to each other. It's been nice since he's the cousin I was most jealous of when we were kids, because he usurped my throne as youngest of the cousins and because my sister had a much closer bond with him than she did with me.

What's been curious is, whenever I IM him about new games, I ALWAYS say something to the effect of "We bought..." or "We tried out..." I have never mentioned Bratworse to him except maybe to say I have a "roommate" nor have I ever come out to him because his older sister told me not to. (I'm still debating within myself the merit of that request but for now I'm respecting it.)

So, I've been waiting for him to be a tad more curious about my life and this mysterious "We" that I keep mentioning. To me, it's now become a fascinating experiment - one like the ones I used to conduct at parties: talk to someone and keep asking them about their lives and see how long it takes before they realize they know nothing about me. (For some people, it's never. Those people never get entered into my phone book.)

So far, my cousin has remained steadfastly uncurious.



1 Response to "No Questions Asked"
  1. Anonymous said...
    10:01 PM

    smile i have a friend like that.. I share my life with him and you know wait i have 2 male friends like that i share with them.. when ever i ask of them its generalities .. figure if they want me to know they will tell me. kind of like .. dont ask the questions you dont want the answers tooo.. hey can you tell i am reaching out for interaction .. sugarmeesweettt .. yea i know i dont like talking on the phone. your a phone call away .. no i dont want a blog or my space thing a ma jig yours is so much better .. hey cant you discuss things that i would like to know about


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