Thursday, March 15, 2007

Barbara Lee

Have I said how much I admire Barbara Lee, my congress-woman?

More and more, my respect for her grows. She is not afraid to say to her peers, what you're doing is pure rhetoric. And she IS working for the majority of us here in Oakland. Most of us here want the Iraq war to end. Now. Keeping it funded will just enable the war to limp along towards an amorphous end.
The House Appropriations Committee Thursday approved, largely along party lines, the Iraq supplemental spending bill.
Democrats prevailed with their plan of attaching a withdrawal timetable for U.S. troops to the measure, which passed 36-28.

Rep. Barbara Lee (Calif.) was the sole Democrat voting against the bill, but she agreed not to offer a fast-withdrawal amendment, which Democratic leaders considered troubling, to the underlying bill.

"I don't think the president deserves another chance," Lee said.

Thank you Ms. Lee. I have NEVER regretted voting for you.



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