Friday, September 23, 2005


To create... to make a creation.

Magical words, those... and all of us feel the need for it. For some of us, the very words define the human quality.

Procreate, recreate, recreation, all variables of our one need that is not based on biology. Hmm, I guess procreate qualifies as biology.

I am facing November, the 30 short days of Nanowrimo - National Novel Writing Month. Also known as the month of my birth, in which I attempt to create, to birth a novel.

Is it obvious yet I'm stuck?

So many ideas, so many of them bad. Writerboy said once that my talent lay not in creating, but in recognizing which had merit. Trust me, all my current ones stink.

Should I go back to the Three H Foundation? Should I attempt a Nobody novella? Should I throw caution to the wind and attempt something truly absurd? Should I attempt a modern fable? Should I...

Inspiration hasn't hit. All the ideas I have may sound good on the first pass, but when you lift up the boards to see what's underneath, the rot shows. I've been so mad at the world, at myself lately that the story I want to tell feels ham-fisted. Perhaps I need to read some Truman Capote to remind myself at least of the technique I want to employ, the most brevity to convey the widest of action/emotion/subtlety.

But what story do I want to tell? Who do I want to write about? What do I want to say? I work best when the characters talk to me. I stopped with Three H because I never knew Kat as a child, only as an adult. Hmm, perhaps I shouldn't have worked Kat in so soon. The story wasn't about Kat... it was about Tristan. Kat is important to Tristan but only an adult, and yes, Kat's childhood was important to the development of Kat, but was it truly important to introduce just then.

Hmm, maybe I should revisit Three H.

Go back to Tristan and what the... OH

I am stupid.

I combined two of my ideas to formulate what is currently Three H.

Three H worked as background to Tristan, as a foundation to who Tristan became.... but the story is Tristan.

I also threw in a another element from a third story of mine, the one borne of three... as Tristan. Perhaps I tried to ram three pegs into a small hole simultaneously and why I hit a brick wall for the past year.

Oh shit, does this mean I want to tell a love story of Tristan and Kat?

No, I don't think so. Tho Tristan and Kat's love for each other is important, it was never central to the theme. It was almost incidental.

Maybe Tristan as a... metaphor for ... us... and Kat's a metaphor for true freedom?


As always, creation is a series of questions put to the task, and if the answers hold, then a tentative theme is eked out. And, there are always tons of false starts, for even if the answers hold through the first round, they might not through subsequent rounds.



2 Responses to "Creations"
  1. Barbara said...
    3:04 PM

    Hey there! It's me, Vertas from Thresh. :)

    I actually have an idea for this years Nano. A scifi mystery/thriller. I started a blog for it too. (

    I need to be organized, so I'm working on an outline for it.

    Glad to see you're going to do it again this year!


  2. coin collecting said...
    10:50 PM
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