Thursday, September 08, 2005

Let's See How YOU Do

I am someone acutely aware of crowds. Perhaps that's cause I'm 5' 1" and being surrounded by people pressing up against me usually means my cheek in someone's back, or my nose being hit by an elbow.

Reading this article about the Thin Veneer of Civilization has driven home the point to me (one that I was already aware of) that it really doesn't take much to turn people into a "me against the world" mentality. In this article, he cites an example of being stuck overnight in an airport and having one or two seats open up. Ever been in that situation? I have. And until I figured out that I really didn't like who I was, I was one of those pushing and elbowing others to beat them to the front.

Those of you who cannot see yourselves as looters or shooters, just remember the Pirates of the Caribbean ride - Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here. That was New Orleans these past 10 days.

Imagine if you will, being without food or water for 3 days and infrequently seeing helicopters above you. Each helicopter that passes, your heart lifts cause you're sure *this* time, there will be food and water. Yet, each time was a false alarm. At which point do you then turn your anger at the helicopter?

Imagine if you will, watching people around you die off slowly, day by day.

Everytime you say, they chose to stay, let them rot, I'm thinking, you know, there's a better choice for my tax dollars. Why should I continue to sink my hard earned dollars into a government that has no problem veto'ing MY right to marry? Why should I continue to sink my hard earned dollars into a government that LETS PEOPLE DROWN, or FORCES PEOPLE IN A DESPERATE SITUATION INTO A BARBED-WIRED COMPOUND?

The government keeps telling me that not to expect my social security to be there. So basically, I'm paying social security for the U.S. to invade other countries.

I'm seriously thinking about the Netherlands. At least there, I know Bratworse will be looked after if I die. At least there, they seem to have a government that cares, albeit a tad too much.



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