Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Having Lives

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but life has a curious way of intruding into writing. A lot has been going on in my family of two.

Bratworse started school and is finding that going to Art School isn't as easy as going to college. Reason is, when you get homework for Art School, the completion isn't when you get done, but when you get it right. Therefore, if comprehension suddenly hits, you may find yourself done with the art project in an hour. But if comprehension seeps in slowly, then the homework could conceivably take up to months. Both examples are extreme. Also, her lack of background in art is such a hindrance to her but her improvements are amazing to behold. (Just think, she's basically entering college classes with a 3rd grade education - in Art).

That, coupled with her part time job is causing her to be so pressed for time that she's on the go whenever she is awake. The routine is getting old for her, fast.

As for me, well the whole Katrina mess has really got me asking the following questions:
  • Why do I pay taxes and what do I expect out of paying taxes?
  • If there is some sort of emergency, will I be able to ensure Bratworse's safety?
  • Given that the U.S. is getting deeper and deeper into debt, and the economic forecast in the U.S. isn't rosy, should we stay in the U.S.?
  • If not here, then where would a couple of lesbians live safely?

We haven't quite come to a decision yet. But I'm finding less and less incentive to stay and pay taxes to a country that considers me and Bratworse to be second or third class citizens, that lowers the prevailing wage during reconstruction but gives no-bid contracts to corporations, that puts a POLITICAL adviser in charge of reconstruction efforts guaranteeing that much money will be wasted and ending up in the pockets of people who DON'T NEED IT, that takes over a week to deliver food and water (basic needs) to people who NEED IT, etc.

Writerboy said to me last night, but you'd pay more taxes. Yeah, but I'd get a bigger bang for my buck. Right now, most of my payments to the IRS is for social security, which they're trying to take away. So tell me again, why should I pay taxes - so they can just hand my $ to Halliburton? No thank you!

If you pay taxes, ask yourself why. Then ask, what am I or my community is getting out of it. (for instance, if so much money was spent on No Child Left Behind, then why is my school district still hurting for money? as is ALL school districts except for the rich neighborhoods and I'm talking like Beverly Hills type neighborhoods, not even West L.A. type neighborhoods.)

If you don't pay taxes, ask yourself why the hell not. BTW, if you don't vote, nor pay taxes, you really don't have a right to cheer or jeer about anything the government does.

Why the past paragraph? I'm finding out that out of the few people I know outside of the big cities, quite a number of them don't pay taxes.



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