Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What IS This Shit????

Howard Kurtz returns to the Washington Post from his vacation with an opening line that just.... UGH!
For liberals, this has been the perfect storm.

Oh yes, Howie. We have been waiting in the sidelines for just an occasion. We wanted the deaths of thousands to prove our point that the WH is incompetent.

Actually, Howie, I accuse the MEDIA of having this be the perfect storm. We liberals have been screaming ourselves hoarse for 5 years now about the incompetency and unaccountability of this administration. It took the DEATH OF A CITY, OF SENIOR CITIZENS AND BABIES to wake your asses up!


And No, I'm not linking to it until I finish reading it. If the opening line makes me so angry, why should I lead you to it?



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