Friday, September 02, 2005

Raging Anger

I am so angry I can barely contain it. Tears constantly threaten to overwhelm me. I am oh so thankful that my boss gave me a detail oriented job today so I can distract myself with the mundane and fool myself into thinking things are under control.

The callousness and DELIBERATENESS (there can be no other word now, not when the heads of federal departments spent all day yesterday telling lies and saying whoops, there're people there without food? Or water? Wow, we didn't know) of this failure to save lives just makes me so vengeful and angry.

To all of you who say America is the best place in the world. Watch what's going on and tell me that again.

Trust me, this is a shock to the rest of the world too, not just us living here.

How can the U.S. let thousands of its citizens starve and go without water for 5 whole days? Incompetence can justify perhaps 3 days of sloggishness. But five?!? I cannot see it other than deliberate murder now.



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