Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More Time Please

I have discovered the juggling act of things I want to do, to things I need to do, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, i.e. sleeping and eating, is proving most difficult. There are 168 hours in a week.
I remember high school, and slow days at work staring at the clock physically willing it to move faster, and now... now... I'm mentally willing it to move slower!

I've been enjoying myself though. The greatest of fun is being had, for the stress of deadlines and the note signaling "pencil's down" has yet to strike.

I have been pleasantly happy with all of my progress in nearly all four of my classes. I am still having trouble with Figure Drawing, I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong, and that's partially why it's not getting better. I have taken on studying Anatomy to aide me.

I am in love with the technique of pulling pictures out of the paper through the use of contrast, that I am learning in my Analysis of Form class, and want to do more drawings using it.

Between work, which I am SERIOUSLY one lucky student to be working for who I am working for. If they can put up with me through my college career, they will surely receive my utmost appreciation! I really can't thank them enough, for they are giving me the flexibility I need as a student, and the job security (so far) I need as resident of the U.S.

Aside from Analysis of Form, my favorite class so far is Figure Modeling, who wouldn't enjoy playing with clay?! Which I have tonight, and plan on putting up pics of my work in progress when I get back.

Observations I've made of late:

-Agression a good thing? I noticed that when my buss driver is agressive I make it to class 5 mins early (the school's bussing schedule has them cutting it really close), when the bus driver is not agressive I walk into the class room the minute it begins or I'm late by two minutes, (for those of you who are apt to believe that two minutes is not really bad, let me tell you about that lateness/absentee policy - 2 late = 1 unexcused absence = grade dropped by one grade i.e. A to B or B to C etc.).

-Cell Phones and Driving - How can a person working in public transportation feel comfortable enough to get on their cell phone?! I do not understand, they are responsible for a lot of people! Mostly I have discovered it is when I have a driver that is on their cell phone that I am late to class.



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