Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ramming Square Concepts into Round Holes

So the Christian Conservatives have a two-fer today. First comes this: apparently Conservative Christians are making a case for dead beat moms and dads by saying that March of the Penguins is the model that we should be going after.

Why do I say dead beat moms and dads? Cause if you watched the movie (which I have), the film makes it clear that after ONE breeding season, the penguins find another mate the following season, and once the baby reaches adolescence, BOTH parents abandon the young'un to fend for its own. So I guess these (and yup, you guessed it, they're all WHITE GUYS) conservatives want to make sure that when they abandon their wives and children for some trophy wife, they could hold up penguins as their idols.

That's #1.

Number two is the great orator Pat Robertson. I say great orator cause it's just amazing how he manages to get words out with a foot sticking out of it. Anyway, apparently gays and lesbians and the movie industry are indeed powers not to be reckoned with. (I know! I'm not supposed to be ending a sentence with a preposition... geddoffmyback) According to Mr. Robertson, God sent the terrorists on 9/11 and Katrina to the Gulf Coast because the Academy of Motion Pictures made Ellen DeGeneres to be the host of this years (and that year's) host.

All I got to say is, Ellen, you go girl!



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